Spiritus Consulting

Who or what is Spiritus?

(Spir-it-us), Latin
Gas, Vapour, breath of life

Ask, seek, advise, inform, counsel, confer

The mission of Spiritus is to provide knowledge and expertise on the industrial gas industry to businesses or organisations in order to assist them in enhancing their decision making processes on issues related to industrial gases, equipment and services.

Spiritus gives independent advice based on in-depth knowledge and experience of the industrial gas industry. Spiritus maintains the highest levels of confidentiality for its clients to ensure no leakage of sensitive client information.

Spiritus's consultants have all spent most of their career in the business and have outstanding analytical skills that enable them to develop innovative solutions for our clients.


Spiritus is a management and business consulting company specialising in the industrial gas industry.

The consultancy practice was originally formed in late 1994, as a partnership between John Campbell of J R Campbell & Associates (United States) and John Raquet. The company was set up to provide niche consulting services to companies associated with the industrial gases business and has since developed into the leading consultancy on the industrial gas industry.

In 2001, Spiritus expanded its consulting practice foot print to Hong Kong and then to the United States in 2005. Over the 20 plus years of serving the industry – the company has developed a pool of resources and talent right across the world to participate in consulting activity.

In 2012, the company sold its databases and market business models to gasworld.com ltd and subsequently has become a single client or bespoke consultancy preparing reports and presentations on specific subject matter our clients need to support their various business strategies.

Global Reach

Spiritus has set up a network of consultants that span the globe – covering every major market or continent – including North and South America, East and West Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Far East.

John Raquet